The Island of Elba territory

Elba is the largest island of the Tuscan Archipelago, it has a rich vegetation and a variety of scenery which attracts thousands of tourists every year.
In it coexists a fantastic balance of mountain areas and marine environments, there are granite and sedimentary rocks, coasts, cliffs, caves and sandy beaches. Mediterranean vegetation prevails everywhere, with the greenery reaching the sea and framing everything.
The beaches on Elba Island differ one from the other by the facilities available; the sea has retained the colour and clarity of the past: you still find all the marine species of the Tyrrhenian Sea in addition to the vast prairies of Posidonia sea grass, sea anemones, corals and starfish.
The eastern side of Elba, where there are the small towns of Porto Azzurro and Capoliveri, offers a number of interesting destinations for fans of minerals and mining and is an area that can be enjoyed by children.
Enthusiasts of trekking and mountain biking will find a number routes to satisfy them: the trails are indicated by signs bearing the name of the path and the direction to follow. At San Martino about 4 km from the centre of Portoferraio there is a Napoleonic Villa, which thanks to recent renovations is fascinating and well cared for. The other Napoleonic Villa, called Villa dei Mulini, is found in the centre of Portoferraio.
At Le Grotte area of Portoferraio you can visit an ancient Roman Villa built in the first century AD, tangible evidence that the Island of Elba was chosen as a holiday destination by ancient Roman noble families.